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  About Us  

While the exact beginning of F. I. Salter Company is unknown, we have found records going back into the early 1890’s.  The company was founded by Frank I. Salter who sold it to H.M. Blackmarr in 1923.  In 1946, John E. Hoff, Sr., who had been with the firm since 1920, purchased the firm and it was incorporated.  In 1997, F.I. Salter purchased the property management division of the Bowman Company. 

F.I. Salter is now and always has been a full service real estate company, handling residential, commercial, recreational and industrial sales, property management, appraisals and real estate counseling.  Prior to the time when banks started making mortgage loans, F.I. Salter Company made mortgages (typically 50% down and the balance payable in five years).  Today, however, banks and savings and loans handle this part of the real estate business.

For more information, or to hear how F.I. Salter can assist you, call us at 218.722.5556.
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